• ESKALAMANDRA CIF 51128921J is a company dedicated to Active Tourism sporty activities Mountain. Our activities are considered risky activities. They are performed in a natural environment in which there are risks inherent in their nature, overwhelming force, fortuitous accidents beyond human control. The client knows when hiring our activities and assumes the risk agreeing to participate in the activity and thus exempting ESKALAMANDRA from liability in these cases.


  • The client states not under the influence of alcohol, drugs and / or narcotics, and any other medication that might compromise its stability, reflexes, or in any way affect their ability. The client does not suffer from cardiovascular disease, nor it is in gestation, nor have any other injury that prevents you from performing the activity without risk to your health; and any doubt he has consulted with a doctor and also to warn of such causes previously ESKALAMADRA.


  • In the case of wearing dentures, glasses or contact lenses customer assumes the risk of damage to the same as the normal activity that will develop may cause.


  • The customer agrees to accept the decisions of the guide and follow their instructions at all times to ensure the safety and fluidity of activity.


  • If the customer does not meet the necessary physical and technical previously alerted by ESKALAMANDRA or does not carry the equipment required conditions may be denied participation in the activity, modify or delay the timing of the same.


  • At the time of booking, as confirmation of activity(is), the customer must enter the 100% the total amount.


  • ESKALAMANDRA performs activities are conditioned to the environment in which they develop so the company may cancel the activity, even at the time of commencement of the activity if weather conditions are not suitable for implementation. If the cancellation occurs the same day of the activity the customer may choose to change the date of the activity or the return of 75% the total amount.


  • Activities are subject to a minimum number of persons for implementation. ESKALAMADRA may cancel an activity if you do not get the minimum required giving the customer to exchange it for another or by reimbursing the full amount paid option.


  • In case of cancellation of the(s) activity(is) by customer, It will be refunded the amount paid less the cost of management and organization will be the following: 50% if the cancellation occurs in 48 hours prior to performing the activity and 15% If the cancellation is made at an earlier stage.


  • Failure to submit the activity involves the complete loss of money.


  • In the event of any conflict that should be resolved in court occur, both parties submit to the jurisprudence of the courts of Madrid.


  • ESKALAMADRA has contracted a RC policy and assistance and accident insurance covering all clients who hire our services.


  • Transfers to the point of beginning of the activity are borne by the customer. For exceptionally, A customer does not have vehicle and the company will provide this service traveling with guide, it will do so at your own risk and will not be covered by insurance assistance aforementioned.


  • Minors must always be accompanied by an adult, tutor legal, teacher or monitor to take charge of them. Failing, legal guardian must sign a specific authorization, In addition to this contract.
    16.ESKALAMANDRA may use for advertising image of clients in the advertising brochures, Photo albums, etc.


  • Any activity subcontracted by another company ESKALAMADRA, It is the responsibility of the latter any incident during the performance of the same.