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The aim of the course is to acquire knowledge of the different techniques of progression used in addition to the basic notions and self-rescue maneuvers, to progress in complete safety and autonomy in Via Ferrata route.

14 Hours of duration.

All necessary material included.

Possibility of transportation to the area.


Course content:

  • Knowledge and use of safety equipment. -Correct reading of the tour. -Learning different techniques and maneuvers progression.
  • Abseil descent with full autonomy.
  • basics of self-rescue Wall.
  • Lifting system with pulleys.
  • Vertical itinerary planning.
  • Case studies of possible errors.


It is performed with minimum before a ferrata with difficulty listed as K3 or higher.


2 days. A total of 14 training hours.


A concrete. Various locations in the province of Guadalajara, Basin or Soria.




Our activity requires a minimum of 3 people, and we guarantee a maximum of 7 participants per course.


Additional service 10e per person (but stays with the customer directly on site activity).

What if you do not get the minimum number of participants?

Unfortunately, We all activity requires a minimum of participants to make it effective. Failure to reach the minimum number of participants to make it possible not to worry, we will give you two options: or refund your money in less than 24 hours, or postpone the activity until the time we reach the necessary participants, at which time a date choose from all with which we all feel comfortable.

-Online Manual First Aid Course Mountain Estival.
-Material support during the theoretical session.
-All the specific material for the activity.
-Faculty entitled TD. Security expert and mountain driving.
-Liability insurance and accident insurance.
-small group.
transport (optional recruitment).

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