Course Objectives:

Oriented course to learn basic climbing techniques and safety to get the most performance and fun climbing sports facilities.

Of 5 a 7 per course.

All necessary material included.

Possibility of transportation to the area.

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Course content:

  • basic gestural technique.
  • Security near the ground, porteo mate and jump.
  • Roping and proper assurance, technical and precautions.
  • Various concepts used in climbing wall.


4 Hours of duration.


climbing sports facilities, any climbing wall will choose with you.




Our activity requires a minimum of 5 people, and we guarantee a maximum of 7 participants per course.

What if you do not get the minimum number of participants?

Unfortunately, We all activity requires a minimum of participants to make it effective. Failure to reach the minimum number of participants to make it possible not to worry, we will give you two options: or refund your money in less than 24 hours, or postpone the activity until the time we reach the necessary participants, at which time a date choose from all with which we all feel comfortable.

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strings, harness, helmets, cat feet, quickdraws, brake descender, and everything you need.
appropriate clothing according to the season, backpack, food and water.
Our mountain orientation course will be done in different parts of the Sierra de Guadarrama, varying the exact location depending on weather and conditions. Availability of means of transportation to the activity for 10 € more.
Surfing requires very strong legs which can come from swimming lessons. Swimming also increases a person’s endurance and stamina to paddle in water which constitutes over 50 percent of the surfing time.
And, every activity we do have monitors and teachers titled Technical Sports (TD).
All our activities and courses have liability insurance and accident insurance. Guarantee and management transfer to hospital paperwork in case of accident.
Rush Park as an adventurous sport and recreational pastime first peaked in 1980s only to fall. However, with all sorts of advancement, the sport has suddenly caught the fancy of all those looking for unique adventure and fun.
Our lessons are available for both beginner and advanced levels. For beginners we have an introductory course as well as a full course The beginners’ introductory.

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