Satellite Information:

It has a total of 5 long ranging from the Superior Room to the 6A, D + and a total travel distance of 120m.

Medium level.

Possibility of transportation to the area.

All material.

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Length / Difficulty:

180 meters - 5 long - 6a

Rock type:


1 technical climbing per 2 climbers / as:

All our guiajes are in small groups, with a maximum of 2 participants per 1 technical.

Distance from Madrid:

45 km (1 hour).


Midday. (1 half hour approach, 3 climbing hours 1 hour descent).


All year




Instead of Home:

Parking El Tranco, La Pedriza. Avenida de La Pedriza, 77. Manzanares el Real. (See Google Maps)


Of 9:30 am a 17:30pm. A total of 6 hours of continuous activity.

It includes:

-Small groups.
-Qualified technician in specialty Climbing.
-All material on specific and common and collective climbing for the activity.
-Liability Insurance and Accident Insurance.

does not include:

-Transportation to the area. An additional Servio transportation to the area, selectable by hiring 10 € more.
-appropriate clothing according to season and weather, mountain boots, food and water.



first feature: 6a

The route begins in an original way by a wide characteristic crack to make way for a vertical field grips where we find the greatest technical difficulties in climbing, leaves left ceilings pathway known as `` The Loquillo'', and achieves an obvious ledge where it mounts the meeting.

second long: 5+

The second feature begins with a cruise on the right, to reach a step known as `` The column Hércules''. This section is, also, one of those long mythical La Pedriza that, periodically they determined to execute adding or removing fixed insurance, so that the equipment never to be found is known.

third long: 4+

The third continuous long straight line by a system of great mushrooms on a plate lying. Long simple and aesthetically put us, after rising briefly highlight a common meeting with the South classical pathway.

long room: 4

The long room is straight climb many meters above ground easy given the amount of existing grips and the lack of verticality to reach the base of the top of one's head Bird.

fifth long: 4+

Tiny but spectacular aerial environment latter reaching and long crown one of the most characteristic peaks of the entire Sierra de Guadarrama.




minimum is essential 2 assistants to perform the activity, and we guarantee a maximum of 10 people.
There is the possibility of a Special Price for Groups (Request more information by clicking here).

What would happen...

Unfortunately, We all activity requires a minimum number of participants to make it effective and carry it out.
Failure to reach the minimum number of participants required, do not worry. We will refund the total money paid, in the same method of payment that you have made the reservation, in less than 24 hours.
You also have the option to tell us, what dates are best adapt, to repeat this activity in the coming weeks.


All the details

-Small groups. -Qualified technician in the specialty of Speleology. -All material on specific common climbing for the activity. -Liability Insurance and Accident Insurance.
-appropriate clothing depending on the season and weather, Sports shoes, backpack, food and water.
Start Time: 9:30am. The activity starts in the meeting point: bar Manolo. Avenida de Madrid, 78. 28189 Patones de Abajo, Madrid.
Do not worry. Click here and propose what date would you ideally to attend next time. I have in mind.
And, all activity has guides, which they are certified technicians TD in the form required for each activity, accredited by the various training schools Peninsula, mainly the EMAM and CFEM. Monitors and teachers qualified as sports technicians (TD).
In case of any possible accident or injury, any activity or course and so is subject to a force sure each user individually Activity, just like a proper Liability Insurance Guide. Thus ensuring full transparency and actual truth of each activity.
all Activity, Course or Travel, are subject to restrictions of physical and technical capabilities needed to carry out these activities in an efficient and productive by the user. So in the first part of: activity information necessary level detail for such activity. -level 1 Easy: The activities are not subject a particular technique previously required physical form or. -level 2 Medium: Activities and subject to certain restrictions prior expertise or knowledge already achieved previously. -level 3 Advanced: Advanced activities that require a higher level of prior experimentation and physical condition reached.
If you wish to cancel an already scheduled appointment, no no additional charge will be claimed, just try to contact us as soon as possible, to replace the vacancy so we can let the opportunity to other interested. Thank you.

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Garantízate your place for the path to the Bird This Classic

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