Route information:

We have a special cavity because it has several parts of different levels. Since initiation medium (under the terms of rainfall in recent days). ideal for beginners or keep in touch with the world of the deep Activity.

Easy level. 3 hours.

Possibility of transportation to the area.

It includes all technical material used (harness, helmet and front)..

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No previous experience is necessary. Suitable for all ages.


The activity will last 09:00 am a 14:00 pm.

Place and time of onset of activity:

The activity will begin at 09:00 in the village of Uña, Cuenca.

Distance from Madrid:

168 km (2 max hours.).

Recommended all year


All the details

Mountain guide with the specified degree of Speleology.
- Individual safety equipment (harness, helmet, mono and front).
- Liability Insurance and Accident.
- common security and supplementary material par the activity.
- necessary before and during activity technical background: Proper use of the material, progression techniques caving.
-appropriate clothing depending on the season and weather, Sports shoes, backpack, food and water.
-In case of cancellation of the(s) activity(is) by customer, It will be refunded the amount paid less the cost of management and organization will be the following: 50% if the cancellation occurs in 48 hours prior to performing the activity and 15% If the cancellation is made at an earlier stage.

-Failure to submit the activity involves the complete loss of money.

Sneakers Cave (no flipflops), old clothes you do not mind littering long sleeve, snack food and water (1 liter). Clothing and footwear parts to leave in the car.
transport. additional service 10 € with exit to and from Madrid.
And, all activity has guides, which they are certified technicians TD in the form required for each activity, accredited by the various training schools Peninsula, mainly the EMAM and CFEM. Monitors and teachers qualified as sports technicians (TD).
In case of any possible accident or injury, any activity or course and so is subject to a force sure each user individually Activity, just like a proper Liability Insurance Guide. Thus ensuring full transparency and actual truth of each activity.

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Garantízate your place for the Cave of Uncle Manolo

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